10 Facts About Limited Access Of The Internet

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So, let’s first know what is the internet and then about 10 facts of the internet for which internet is limited.

What is Internet?

The full name of the Internet is International – Network. You must have heard it also in the name of Interconnected Network and it must have also been heard by the name of Net which is called in most short-form.  

And this is the thing due to which you can read this post of mine, not only me, whatever work you do with your phone is also done through internet. It is a network where all the computers or devices are connected.

10 Facts About Limited Access Of The Internet

The world’s first workable prototype Internet was presented to the whole world in 1960 by ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network), whose founders were Bob Kahn and Vint Cerf. 

And to allow it to communicate from one computer to many computers, he used a technology called Packet Switching, with the help of which we can share the same Internet with many devices. And every year this Technique kept on developing. As you can quote Wi-Fi.

See, now it comes to who is the owner of the Internet. If we look at the development of technology, then no one is the owner of the Internet and no one will be in the future. Because the Internet is used all over the world. Therefore no one can own it.

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These are 10 Facts about Limited Access of the Internet

Limited internet access This means that the working access of the internet or some limit is kept. As you all know if you recharge by selecting a recharge package in your smartphone and there is a limit in that package that you can use 1.5 GB data in just one day and according to the recharge package.  

Data is attached to the data; it is called limited access to the internet. Meaning there is a limit on the use of the Internet. So, let’s know about 10 such facts due to which there is limited access on the Internet.

1: Being More Internet User

You know that everyone uses the Internet at all times, whether he uses the Internet for his work or uses the Internet for some other reason, but every day the Internet is used.  

Think how many people are there in the world and if everyone will use the internet together, then it is difficult to provide internet to all at once. This is a very big reason for limited access to the internet because in this expensive era it is not possible to give unlimited internet to everyone, that is why a limit has been imposed on the internet.  

Due to this any Internet user cannot use the Internet anymore due to exhausting his limit or due to exhausting of data. If again someone can use the data plan only if he buys it, then this was the biggest fact for which a limit has been imposed on the internet.

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2: Dearness

Everything is expensive in today’s time, which is another big reason for limited access to the Internet.  Everyone knows how expensive everything is in today’s time, due to which internet maintenance also costs more. Because of this also becomes a reason for limited internet access. 

Suppose if the limit is not imposed on the Internet, then everyone will use the Internet unlimited, but the telecom company that is there will be drowned by this, nor if this happens, then all these companies cannot even give salary to their employees.  

And from where the cost of its maintenance will come out, then this is also a very big fact of limited internet access.

3: Internet Cable Has Broken

You must know that due to the internet cable being broken, you cannot use the internet itself.  And you have faced this problem many times. So, this is also a very big fact for which there is limited internet access. Because the cost of internet cable is very high, in such a situation, the broken cable will become a very big region of limited internet.

4: Changing Weather

Changing weather is also a big reason and fact for limited internet access. Because no one has control over the weather and in such a situation it becomes very difficult to use the internet in every season. In the changing season, most wireless connections are prone to problems. So this is also a very big fact of limited internet access.

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5: Speed ​​of The Internet

Internet speed is also a very big face of limited internet access because the internet cannot be provided to everyone at one speed. In such a situation, this is also a reason and fact for limited internet access.

6: Growing Technology

In today’s time, everything is going to change in technology and for this, the use of the internet is also increasing, so this is also a very big fact of limited internet access.

7: Multiple Telecom Companies

In today’s time, many telecom companies keep changing their data plans, due to which internet users sometimes take their plans from this telecom company and sometimes from that telecom company. 

With this, the company will either make its plan separately or put a limit on the Internet. So having so many telecom companies like this is also a very big fact of limited internet access.

8: Maintenance of Internet

Maintenance of the Internet costs a lot, due to which telecom companies put limits on their plans. So this is also a very big reason and the fact of limited internet access.

9: ISP Issue: (Internet Service Providers)

Controlling the world of such a big internet is a very big thing, in such a situation, if there is any problem with any internet service provider, then it will affect the whole world who are using the internet. So the ISP issue is also a very big area and the fact of limited internet access.

10: Internet Connectivity

Internet connectivity is also a very big fact of limited internet access. Because whether it is wired or wireless, technology is used in both. In such a situation, if anything goes wrong in such a big internet world, then it becomes a big problem, then this is also a very big fact of limited internet access.

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