17 Modern Advantages of Internet | History of Internet | Internet Advantages VS Internet Disadvantages

Hello friends, I welcome all of you to my website, in this article I will explain all details about internet. Which you all must know that in my article I am going to tell you all about the Internet. So, do you have a little knowledge about the Internet?

If your answer is yes, then it is a very good thing, but if your answer is no, then it does not matter if you read this article completely, then you will get a lot of information about the internet. So let’s know about the Internet.

What is Internet?

Internet connects the connection between two computers through TCP / IP Protocol, it is called the Internet.

Internet is software that is used to exchange any information and to protect the network. Internet works as a network, with the help of which computers of any company can be connected.

Internet is connected to computer communication, that’s why we can exchange our information without taking the help of a hard drive, pen drive.

17 Modern Advantages of Internet | History of Internet | Internet Advantages VS Internet Disadvantages

Internet Services:

The Internet provides us with many types of services, two main ones are:- 1. Word wide web (WWW) 2. Communications

Word wide web (WWW):

The most used is the world wide web, in which Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer are all interconnected by Hypertext Protocol, due to which we see information on the Internet.


Communications (Email) which is also called communication service, transfer a lot of data very easily.

Who is an Internet User?

Earlier, no one knew much about the Internet, so its users were also very few, in the coming days the Internet went up and said that between 2000 and 2009, the number of Internet users in the whole world increased by 394 million.

K became 1.858 billion. This did not stop this process, today 22% of the people in the whole world use the internet, now even the village is not lagging in using the internet.

Today, India is at number two in using the internet in the whole world. There are 33% of Indian Internet users here.

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Advantages of the internet:

If we talk about the advantage of the Internet, then it has a lot of advantages. The Internet changed the whole world. So, let’s see what is the advantage of the internet and said.


With the Internet, you can communicate with billions of people sitting at your home. It connects everyone to communicate through computers.

The most popular websites for communication are WhatsApp, Facebook, Hike, Twitter, and more.

Information and Knowledge:

With the Internet you can get billions of pages of knowledge from the web. The most useful web browsers are Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.


By Map you can get the location of any specific place. You can travel the world with the help of a map. This view shows the location on the screen. You will get the direction of your destination.


Working in a bank is very easy through the internet. This has increased the efficiency of the bank. All the banks are connected by the internet at the same time.

All the calculations are done by this which saves many times.

Selling and making money:

With the Internet you can sell your products online and earn money from them. It is most popular for selling its products all over the country. The most popular shopping websites are Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba, etc.


The Internet can entertain you and entertain others. There are many popular websites to show your passion by which you can get entertained. ex- YouTube, music, tick pick, etc.

Cloud storage:

You can save your data by keeping it on the Internet. There are many websites where you can save or store your data. The most popular sites are Mega Cloud, Google Cloud, and more.

Services of the internet:

Information about News:

All the newspapers, magazines of the world become available on the Internet. In any relationship you want information, type it and that news or that journal will be available in front of you.

Online banking:

If we have any bank work today, then for that we do not need to go to the bank and wait in line, all we need is that we can do online banking or net banking facility in our account.

Get started and then through the internet, any of our bank-related work, like depositing money, transferring funds, depositing bills, recharging, etc. will be done easily from home.


Now the use of the internet is also being done in business on a very large scale. Big companies do video conferencing to take business decisions spread in their different countries, considering its usefulness and convenience.

It is also legally recognized. If we talk about some big e-commerce companies, then today the biggest company among them is Flipkart, which is being given tough competition by Amazon, another company in the same field.

Mobile Commerce (M-Commerce):

The use of the Internet on the computer is very old, but the facilities of the Internet on mobile have started only a decade or two ago. Today, even if not everyone has a computer, but there is no mobile, it is not possible.

Therefore, by connecting the Internet with mobile, both these businesses have increased their area by complementing each other.

Due to their increasing utility in this way, these companies have not only benefited, but the end-users have also benefited a lot.

These companies have also designed special apps for mobiles and everything that could have been done by computer internet can now be done on smartphones through mobile internet also.

Medium of Communication:

No matter where a person lives in the world if we want to establish contact with him or send a message to him or talk to him, have a meeting, then it is possible through the Internet.

For this, facilities like sending messages by sending e-mails, video calling through Skype, chatting on Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. are available.


Internet is also widely used for entertainment. Movies, serials, jokes, computer games, social media and don’t know what – from all over the world are available on the internet for our entertainment.

Online freelancer:

People have got a very good opportunity through the internet so that they can showcase their talent by using the internet sitting at home and also earn money through their skills.

Data sharing:

Through the Internet, you can send necessary data or any file to any person or organization or any company, through this work is done in working systems like work from home.

Online booking:

If you have to go somewhere today, then you prefer to go by booking through the internet instead of booking after reaching that place, this not only saves your time and resources but also saves you unnecessary time.

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They are also saved from the troubles that happen. These include booking of online train and bus tickets, booking of film shows, etc., hotel booking, etc.

History of the Internet:

When the development of electronic computers began in the 1950s, and the idea of digital communication was being considered, the top universities in the United States felt that they should have such a tool.

So that information sharing and accessing does not take much time so that they can transfer research data without wasting time. In the same days, the US Defense was also researching digital networks and network data systems, with the same thinking in 1950, the US Department of Defense contacted US universities for the development of ARPANET (America Research Project Agency Net) and packet network systems. and was asked to research it. After that research on packet switching started in 1960, and packet-switched networks such as ARPANET, CYCLADES, MERIT Network, NPL Network, TYMNET, and TELENET, were developed using different protocols in 1960. In this, the Internetworking protocol was developed in the ARPANET project, in which many separate networks could be joined into a single network of networks, ARPANET was started to be developed from two network nodes that were connected to two different locations.

After this, ARPANET was successful in connecting 15 sites by the end of 1971, here the experts had understood, how much potential and future are in this interconnection tool. Then in 1981, NFS (National SCIENCE FOUNDATION) established Computer Science Network (CSNET), then ARPANET was further expanded. And when the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) was adopted in 1982, then all the networks started to be interconnected.

Then in 1984 the concept of domain name started, which further increased the Internet revolution, followed by WWW in 1989. LWorld Wide Web) was developed due to which the Internet revolution spread everywhere.

Disadvantages of the Internet:

Just like the benefits of the Internet are many, so there are also disadvantages of the Internet. Let’s know about the disadvantages of the internet.

Computer crime:

Daily crime is done by the internet. Hacker can hack your data from the internet and do whatever he wants. They can remember your data.

Adult Content:

The most side-effect of the Internet is adult content. The Internet is full of sites of adult images, videos, and more. The person who doesn’t want to see that they see it by accident.

Not getting disconnected:

The internet is right to give you a chance to do anything. But as soon as you spend your time and even if you don’t want to work then still you will work on it which is the mental effect. Which is harmful.

Time Waste:

There are many games on the Internet, by playing which you get addicted to it. You won’t feel like doing anything other than that. Which is very harmful to health.


The vast use of the Internet can give you a headache. It directly affects your head. Due to which your termite can also get spoiled. Thank you for reading this article. If you have any question or suggestions write down in comment box.

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