5 Awesome Features of Bluetooth | Bluetooth Advantages Vs Disadvantages

You all know about Bluetooth, there will probably be a person who will be unfamiliar with this name, but do you also know how this Bluetooth technology was discovered and what is its history, if not, then today we will know about it. 

Everyone must know about what it is, how it works, this is the upper knowledge of Bluetooth, so today if you try to understand a little deeper, then friends Bluetooth is such a wireless technology that we can easily transfer document files wirelessly. 

5 awesome Features of Bluetooth

As it does not require any kind of wire.  Its functionality ranges from 10 meters to 50 meters if it does not go beyond this Bluetooth will leave you.

It is found in every electronic device nowadays, from speakerphone to smartphone, personal computer, etc.

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a wireless technology for exchanging data, through this technology, data is sent from one device to another. 

With the help of Bluetooth, you can send and receive data from any device without any cable through Bluetooth.  

With this, you can connect multiple devices simultaneously and share data or even play games. Up to seven devices can be connected to one Bluetooth device but this limit cannot be fixed in all devices. 

Is Bluetooth is used only for a very short distance? The biggest feature of this technology is that it is a cheap and automatic technology without cables.  

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Bluetooth uses a special type of radio technology called frequency-hopping flow stream which ranges from 2400 to 2483.5 MHz.  

This speed has been improved. The data exchange speed of Bluetooth is 1 to 3 MBit. Bluetooth was discovered in 1994 by Hartson Key.

Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) was established on 20 May 1999. Bluetooth technology is also known by the name IEEE802-151. 

Bluetooth technology became very famous in 2008, at that time only 5% of mobiles had Bluetooth facility available but today 95% of Bluetooth facility is available in more mobiles.

There have been many changes since the beginning of Bluetooth and the speed of Bluetooth has been increased a lot. 

There are five versions of Bluetooth, the first version was 1.1, which was updated to version 1.2, followed by 2.2 plus EDR, 3.0 plus HB, and version 4 is Bluetooth.  

The talk was low, so new versions of it have been coming into the market by increasing its speed.

Discovery of Bluetooth :

Bluetooth was discovered by Jaap Haartsen in 1994, Jaap Haartsen was working on the Netherlands radio technology, he discovered Bluetooth there and you will be surprised to know that Bluetooth was named after Harald Bluetooth in the twentieth century.

Versions of Bluetooth :

Bluetooth is divided into the following parts based on their functionality 

BT v.  1.2 speed 720kbps            

BT v.  2.0 speed 2.1mbps                    

BT v.2.1.  Speed 2 Mbit/s                          

BT v 3.0.  Speed 24mbps                              

BT v.  4.0.  Speed 24mbps                                      

BT v.  4.1.  This version was built to support LTE technology.                                            

BT v.  5.0 With the help of this version you can connect 2 headphones at the same time and listen to the song.  One to listen to you and one to give to your lovely girlfriend or friend

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How does Bluetooth Works?

Bluetooth enables devices to communicate with each other when they are in range. Devices do not need to be in the same room or front of each other’s eyes. 

Devices can be in different rooms as long as there is sufficient space. Powerful transmission is received from the

Some Properties of Bluetooth :

Less complexity: There is no work like digging a mountain in this, it is easily connected to other devices in this.

Strength: See brother, its connection is very strong, due to which it can be used anywhere anytime whether you are with your GF or with your family.

Data Speed: Its data transfer speed is up to 1 Mbps, so you can show your girlfriend’s dirty pick of her, if you don’t have GF then you will have to stay like this.  my stuff.

Cheap: See brother Bluetooth is such a technology which is very cheap which can be easily used by anyone.

Distance: With the help of Bluetooth, we can transfer data between 10 meters to 50 meters, you can call your girlfriends to you quickly.

Low energy requirement: If you say very little, it uses very little energy and helps us to transfer data.

Wire Less: It makes an instant connection without any wiring. Connection installation is very quick.  The user only needs to pair the Bluetooth connection between the two devices. 

  • It consumes less power.           
  • It can pass through walls.                      
  • It has a better range than infrared communication.
  • It is managed by Bluetooth Signature and hence the products are available from major companies and there is no issue of the difference between different Bluetooth vendor products.       
  • It is used for voice and data transfer.
  • It uses FHSS and therefore data communication is more secure.

Technologies such as, in the car system, printer, webcam, GPS, keyboard, and mouse can be combined.

Due to the availability of Bluetooth phones, calls can be taken on the phone even while driving and doing some other activity simultaneously.

This hands-free operation relieves great stress.

Bluetooth devices are available at a very affordable cost.

Some Machines use Bluetooth.

    • Speaker

    • Phones

    • Smartphone

    • Bluetooth device

    • Keyboard

    • Mouse etc. 

Weaknesses of Bluetooth :

low power battery:- Although Bluetooth is an energy-friendly technology, it slowly drains the battery of your cell phone or another mobile device. 

When turned on, Bluetooth continuously scans for connections, searching for new devices to connect to.  does, but uses energy in the process…. change your device’s settings to turn off Bluetooth when you’re not using it.

Very little security:- Almost every network technology has some security built in to prevent hackers from accessing your data without your permission.

However, the security of Bluetooth is weak compared to WiFi and other wireless data standards.  A determined hacker could, for example, access your wireless device via a Bluetooth connection, and steal your data although efforts are being made to circumvent it.

slow data…

All wireless technologies have limits on how fast they can transmit data;  Generally, faster connections mean higher energy consumption.  Since Bluetooth is intended to be very energy-friendly, it sends data relatively slowly. 

The Bluetooth 4.0 low energy standard, at 26 megabits per second, is much faster than Bluetooth and sometimes requires syncing and smaller backup operations. However, Bluetooth is not a substitute for faster technologies like Wi-Fi and USB.

Features of Bluetooth :

• It works in the 2.4GHz frequency band without a license for wireless communication.

• Data can be transferred up to 10-100 meters in real-time.

• In the case of Bluetooth (infrared) communication equipment, Bluetooth does not require proximity and accuracy.  Bluetooth does not suffer from interference from obstacles such as walls, while infrared suffers from obstacles.

• Bluetooth supports wireless point-to-point and two-multipoint wireless connections between mobile phones and personal computers without cables.

• The data transfer rate of Bluetooth varies from version to version.  The data rate of 1 Mbps for version 1.2 up to 3 MBPs for version 2.0.

Advantages of Bluetooth :

Nowadays the frequency of Bluetooth has come from 2.0 to 6.0, that is, if you want to transfer any booster, Bluetooth speaker, or any file with the help of Bluetooth easily from 10 meters to 20 meters, then Bluetooth gives its work in a good way.  

Is, Although the speed is less in transferring files, now you can enjoy music from far away.

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Bluetooth is popular and keeps getting more popular with time. Now it is widely used in countries and by almost everyone. Companies are taking advantage by using it in their new and future products to make life easier for all.  

Very soon, all systems and devices will be wireless because of your Bluetooth.

Nowadays many devices i.e. gadgets are coming which are working related to Artificial Intelligence as well as sensors and much more technology in which Bluetooth is also playing its role well.

In the coming time, with the help of Bluetooth of mobile, you can turn off or on all the electrical equipment of your house along with the light and fan of your house, so there is no need for you to get up or walk on your own.  

Bluetooth will also play its role in turning the device off or on.

Laptops, cell phones, music players, headsets, printers, and many other products can use Bluetooth. So you don’t need to know much about technology to operate Bluetooth.  

Anyone who has no idea about the new technology may still be able to use the Bluetooth feature due to its simplicity and ease of use. I think this technique is easily used by children to adults. and is extremely popular.

Disadvantages of Bluetooth :

This mostly happens on your phone but also happens in other technology such as music players when you have your Bluetooth enabled on your phone all day long. So you are using more battery power.  

That’s why when it is connected with any sound box or Boofer speaker Bluetooth speaker then it consumes more battery i.e. consumes more battery.

Some terrible radiation can also reach from 5.0 and 6.0 Bluetooth, in such a situation, by turning on the Bluetooth of your mobile, do not bring or bring any child or your heart i.e. near your heart, so you will be able to avoid the frequency sun.

When using Bluetooth Internet, the connection can sometimes be very slow so it’s not a good idea to use Bluetooth Internet together.  Highly suggested for all cases.  

Can you see that there are many advantages and few disadvantages?  Overall, Bluetooth is a great thing to have using all of your devices that support it.  You can do a lot with it.

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