7 Best Technologies for Home: Gadgets for Your Sweet Home

Today we tell you about seven such technologies for your home, by which you can convert your home into a smart home.

So, friends, you must know that increasing technology is not affecting us, but it is making all things effective. And in such a situation how can we stay away from home.

7 Best Technologies for Home: Gadgets for Your Sweet Home

There are many such technologies available for our home as well so that we can convert our house from a simple home to a smart technology home.

But friends, it is not possible to talk about all the smart technology in this one article, that’s why I am going to tell you about seven such technologies by which you can convert your home into a smart home.

1: Motion Sensor

Do you know about motion sensors?  If you know, it is a good thing, if you do not know, then it does not matter, I am going to give complete information about motion sensors to all of you in this article, after reading which you all will know that what is a motion sensor and what is it?  But what is the benefit of installing a motion sensor?

A motion sensor is a sensor that takes action by observing the motion of a human being, for which a motion sensor has been used. Meaning that if you put this sensor in your house, then it will work according to your motion.  

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With the help of a motion sensor, you can convert your home into a smart home. If you put a motion sensor in your home, then you can control all the electronic materials in your house with this sensor.

For example, if you have set motion sensor in one room of your house for light or for a fan, then if you are not in your room then both the light and fan of your room will be off automatically.  

When you enter your room, the motion sensor will automatically turn on the fan and light after sensing your motion. 

In this way, you can use the motion sensor in all the electronics gadgets you have in your house and control all the devices with your motion.

So, friends, is it not a lotus thing, with the help of this sensor you can make your home a smart technology home.

2: Hogar Home Controller

You can use the Hogar Home Controller Pro by plugging it into any number of plugs in your home.  With this controller, you can control 232 smart devices without touching them.  

The wireless range of the controller is up to 200 meters. Usually, this is a power board. 

If you understand with an example, you can replace the power board of your house with this controller of Hogar.  

After that, through an app, you will be able to turn off and, on the fan, TV, bulb, etc., although for this you will need Wi-Fi, Smart TV, and Smart Bulb. 

Apart from this, the company also offers a complete setup for smart homes in which products like Amazon Alexa speakers, smart switches, smart plugs are available.

3: Door Sensor 

The door sensor is the most important sensor of any alarm system, when anyone enters your house, the door sensor informs you about it. This sensor is made up of two parts that form a circuit.  

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When someone opens the door, these two parts get separated and the circuit formed between them is broken, as soon as this circuit breaks, the door sensor will give an alarm signal to the control panel. 

And the control panel immediately transmits this information to the Central Monitoring Station.

The door sensor is very easy to install, no special tools are required to install it.  But the more you know about the security alarm system, the better you will be able to use and maintain it.

Intrinsic Function of Door Sensor- Various types of door alarm sensors have come into modern technology, and most of them use reed switch technology and magnet part.  

The reed switch and magnet part determine the opening and closing of the door.

Reed switches are used and trusted by countless machines, from door-wells to laptops. When these two parts come close to each other, a circuit is closed and an electric current flow.  

And when these two parts move away from each other then this circuit breaks when the electric current is stopped.

When you add a door sensor to your home security system, this sensor comes with 2 parts: a reed switch and a magnet part. 

One part of it is mounted in the door frame and the other parallel to it in the door itself.  

These two parts form a circuit when the door is closed, and as soon as the door is opened, the reed switch and magnet parts are separated from each other than the circuit breaks.  

When the circuit breaks, the sensor sends a signal to the control panel and the control panel immediately informs the CMS.

4: Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The robot vacuum is one of the electronic gadgets preferred by many housewives, which has become popular recently. 

Robotic vacuums offer huge advantages and convenience in house cleaning.

Robot vacuums are the vacuum cleaners we currently use to do that job without human interaction.  

In other words, they perform extensive functions entirely on their own, without human influence. They work with charging and they have products with different features.

With the development of technology, it is one of those products that has become increasingly common and makes homework practical.  Robots are vacuum cleaners.  

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Although the first robot vacuum cleaners were produced in 2001, robot vacuums have been on sale in Turkey since 2009. 

Robot vacuums, one of the most popular electronic gadgets of the past, are the first choice of housewives and new brides.

The robot vacuum cleaner is a vacuum cleaner model, thanks to the robot vacuum that easily adapts to the conditions, you will save a lot of time spent on cleaning.  

A broom that you can use on all types of floors will make collecting your pet’s hair much easier. At this point, let’s say the most functional feature is mapping and navigation.

Robotic vacuum cleaner, which registers the house it works with along with mapping, helping you clean a certain area of ​​the house.

5: Google Home Smart Speaker

You can ask any kind of question in voice from Google Assistant on your smartphone nowadays, after which the answer comes from Google Assistant.  

Apart from this, Google Home can also set a timer, read the news for you and play your favorite music for you. 

Not only this, but it can also give weather information and can also call your friends and family.

6: Smart Air-Conditioner Kit

You can simply attach this kit to your existing equipment. The kit’s thermostat will sense the room temperature and turn your air-conditioners on and off to maintain it.  

You can even schedule your device to turn on and off automatically or monitor energy usage. 

You can even change the temperature from anywhere, by using a smartphone app.

7: Smart Led Light

If you want to make your home smart, then it is important to have a smart bulb in your home. Smart bulbs can be controlled from any device such as a smartphone.  

Its most important thing is that you can increase or decrease its brightness and color according to the situation. You do not get such an option in a normal bulb.

There are many such smart LED bulbs in the market which are a good option for you. You can control it with your smartphone. Its price is not high, it is available in a couple of thousand.  

Some LED lights are built with very advanced features that can also work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. You can increase or decrease its brightness by controlling it with your smartphone.

I hope you enjoy this article, please leave a comment, which is your favorite tech from above mentioned 7 best technologies for home.

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