What is Wireless Communication? | Introduction, History, Types and Services

You must have heard about this wireless communication at some point or the other.  If you do not know about this, then it does not matter if you read this article completely, then you will get complete information about wireless communication.   And if you know about wireless communication then this is a very good thing. … Read more

5g Technology Full Information | What is 5g technology?

5G technology is believed to be the fifth generation of mobile internet, whose speed will be much higher than the speed of today’s internet. This will make uploading and downloading large data faster and easier. Its reach will be much greater and better than the current mobile internet.   This technology will be an example of … Read more

VoLTE vs LTE | What is VoLTE and LTE? | History of Network Generation (G)

Before telling you about VoLTE vs LTE and what are these actually mean, I want to tell you some important things about LTE and VoLTE. As an example, we can take Jio. When Jio was first launched then it was providing LTE enabled mobile set only, LTE set requires internet to connect or call to … Read more