What is Cyber Security ?

While on the one hand, we have been able to make our daily life simple, easy, easy, and developing with the Internet, on the other hand, many types of digital problems related to it have emerged and one such problem is Cyber ​​Crime i.e. Cyber ​​Crime as a solution. Cyber ​​security is being given prominence and priority.

if your answer is no, then there is no need to panic because in this article we will give you the information about this whole problem related to the internet and its solution in detail so that not only you develop your understanding of Cyber ​​Security. but can also use it safely.

In this article dedicated to cyber security, we will tell you in detail, What is Cyber ​​Security? And at the same time, you will be provided Cyber ​​Security: Cyber ​​Security in Hindi so that all our internet users can protect themselves from cybercrime and can get full benefits by using it successfully.

What is Cyber Security ?

In this article, you will be provided complete information about cybercrime on the internet and the very importance of cyber security to prevent it in Hindi, so that not only you can protect yourself from cybercrime on the internet with the help of cyber security but also By making a career in the field of Cyber ​​Security, you can also build your bright future.

What is Cyber ​​Crime?

In simple words, the sum of Cyber ​​+ Crime is called Cyber ​​Crime, where Cyber ​​means activities or activities related to the Internet and Crime means crime.

What happens under Cyber ​​Crime?

Let us, in simple language, tell you that, within Cyber ​​Crime, your essential and confidential information is stolen digitally because we, on all internet, e-mail, g-mail, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and more. We use many other online facilities for which we have to enter a lot of our confidential information.

In this way, under Cyber ​​Crime, not only our information i.e. Personal Information / Important Data, Software, Device, Network or Hacking, etc., are done which cause irreparable harm and Cyber ​​Security protects us from it i.e. our information. protects it from being stolen.

What types of crimes are committed under Cyber ​​Crime?

We want to tell you about some common crimes that happen under Cyber ​​Crime, which are as follows –

  • Stealing our personal information online
  • making our personal information public on the Internet
  • Emptying our bank account by stealing our bank information
  • Developing terrorist organizations and other anti-social elements with the help of the internet
  • Stealing our information on the Internet and using it for any wrong purpose
  • blackmailing someone online and collecting ransom
  • By attracting online people to cheat them of money.

All the above crimes are done very easily under Cyber ​​Crime, for which we do not have any concrete measures yet.

Types of cybercrime


The most common problem related to the Internet is Ransomware, which is a virus that is put on the Internet by a criminal through any link, advertisement, or another medium, and when we click on that link or that advertisement. If so, this virus enters our system and all our personal information is stolen.

Due to the virus called Ransomware, not only the private information secured in our system is stolen but at the same time our system is badly damaged under Cyber ​​Security this virus is prevented from entering the system and It is terminated so that we, our system and our information remain secure.


Usually this virus i.e. Malware / Malware is used by the criminals who commit cybercrime, with the help of which not only the information of our system is stolen but at the same time our system is also damaged.

Named Malware, there are many different types of this virus such as – computer viruses, worms, Trojan, etc.

Social Engineering

Although the use of the term Social Engineering usually refers to social and economic development, when we talk about cybercrime, it is seen in a different form, then it is destructive and dangerous.

Showing us captivating dreams, getting our personal information from us by trapping us in our sweet talk, luring us with crores of rupees, and in all other ways, with the help of which our personal information is cleverly obtained from us, that is called Social Engineering.

Usually, by making a fake phone call under social engineering, we are informed about the number of rupees, directly in the name of bank transfer of rupees, all our banking-related information is taken from us and our bank is emptied sitting. And this whole process is given a developmental term like social engineering in the field of cybercrime.


Just as we catch fish from the pond and name that whole process as phishing, similarly within cybercrime, we are sent e-mails from unknown sources on the internet, and an attractive link is provided on which to click. As soon as our system gets hacked and all our personal information is stolen and this process is called Phishing in the field of cybercrime, which is very much in vogue these days.

Cybercrime is also carried out with the help of some other methods such as Man in the Middle or Zero Day etc.

With the help of the above points, we provided you the information about cyber crime / cyber crime so that you can easily and completely understand the cyber security that is being told next.

What is Cyber ​​Security?

In your daily life, you use the Internet on a large scale, but do you know what is Cyber ​​Security? / What is Cyber ​​Security? If you do not know, we will tell you in detail that, Cyber ​​Security i.e. What is Cyber ​​Security? What is?

Cyber ​​Security

Whenever we use the Internet on a computer or a smartphone, there is always a possibility that, with the help of online cybercrime, i.e. Cyber ​​Crime, our information should not be stolen and with the help of the Internet no one can make our personal information public. Preventing crimes etc. is called Cyber ​​Security i.e. Cyber ​​Security.

In simple words, under Cyber ​​Security, our information on the Internet is protected from theft, as well as the hardware and software used by us are also protected.

What are the different elements of Cyber ​​Security?

We want to provide you with information about all the different elements related to cyber security i.e. Cyber ​​Security, which is in the form of these points-

  • protect the applications being used on the smartphone or computer
  • protect online data
  • Performing emergency and operational security under Cyber ​​Security
  • Along with securing the mobile, also securing the cloud available on the Internet.

All of the above are different elements of Cyber ​​Security, with the help of which cybercrime is stopped directly.

How does Cyber ​​Security protect us?

Here it is very important for you to know, in what ways and how does Cyber ​​Security protect us, which are as follows with the help of these points –

Network and Gateway Security

Under Cyber ​​Security, first of all, Network and Gateway Security are ensured so that the traffic coming and going on the Internet can be kept safe from the criminals who commit cybercrime and for this priority Firewall Device is used.

Application Security

Under Cyber ​​Security, whenever we download and install any application/application on our computer or smartphone, the entire process of download and installation is made secure, and Limited User Rights are imposed on the entry of the application to prevent the criminals of cybercrime. So that no one can harm us with the help of the application.

Network Access Control

To prevent cybercrime on the Internet, a User Policy is made under Cyber ​​Security so that no cyber criminal can enter our system unauthorizedly.

Data Loss Prevention

Under Cyber ​​Security, our personal and sensitive information that is usually stolen on the Internet is kept safe and protected from being stolen from it.

E-mail Security

Under Cyber ​​Security, cybercrimes are mainly prevented by e-mail, for which Spam Filters like Software and Hardware, etc. are used.

Antivirus and Anti Spyware Software

In the last phase of Cyber ​​Security, Antivirus Software, etc. is used to protect our system from cybercrime, which makes our system completely secure.

Lastly, we have given you information about the crimes under cybercrime as well as our security with the help of cyber security.

What is the benefit of Cyber ​​Security?

We would like to present all the benefits of Cyber ​​Security / Cyber ​​Security with the help of some points in front of you, which are as follows –

  • Under Cyber ​​Security, many types of our personal information such as – Banking Data, Hospital Data, Business Data, Corporate Data, and Financial Data are also secured
  • With the help of Cyber ​​Security, not only our personal information is protected but at the same time our system is also protected
  • Under Cyber ​​Security, protection is provided from Ransomware viruses, Malware viruses, Spyware viruses, and Adware viruses sent by criminals who commit cybercrime
  • With the help of Cyber ​​Security, our networking system is secured, with the help of which cybercrime criminals are not able to enter our system, etc.

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