What Is Internet or How It Works?

What Is Internet? or How It Works?


What is internet or how it works

Hi friends, the use of the internet is common in today’s era.  You can’t even imagine that if the Internet is removed from the whole world for just one day, then there will be a lot of panic.

Truth be told, the internet has become a very important part of our life in today’s time.  We all use the Internet, but do you know how it works.

In today’s article, we will do a technical analysis of the Internet.

What is the internet?

If you were asked what is the largest network in the world, what would you answer?  If your answer is ‘Internet’ then you are correct. 

The Internet is the most modern system of information technology.  It is only through this that a world-class conglomerate of various computer networks has been created today.

History of Internet

The first computer network was developed in 1969 and is named – ARPANET.  The Internet was developed because of this ARPANET.



The seed of today’s internet was sown in 1969.  When the U.S. Department of Defense-sponsored a project called ARPANET.  The purpose of this project was to connect the computers of different American universities and U.S. Defense.  Soon the engineers, scientists, students, and researchers who were part of this system started transacting and messaging data over the ARPANET.  Users of this system were able to play long-distance games and socialize with people.  ARPANET started with very few computers.  But later it developed very rapidly.



In the mid-80s, another federal National Science Foundation created a high-capacity network called NFSnet that was more capable than ARPANET.  It only allowed educational pursuits on its network, not allowing any other form of private business. That’s why many companies created their own networks.  In 1990 these private networks, ARPANET and NFSnet, were merged and named Internet.  

It was only in 1960 that the US government lifted the ban on Internet access and at the same time allowed Internet access for commercial purposes.

Today, the Internet connects 30,000 more networks to 50 million computer users in 150 countries, interacting with each other or transacting data.  The Internet is growing rapidly.


World Wide Web(WWW):

www is the most popular and promising way to organize and access information on the internet.  www is one of the major applications of the internet.  www and the internet are often used interchangeably, which is technically incorrect, as the web is a collection of interconnected documents and other resources.  

WWW was started in 1889 by Sir Tim Berners-Lee in the Physics Laboratory.

The main reason for its popularity is the use of a concept called hypertext.  Hypertext is a new way of storing and retrieving information that enables the author to structure the information in a novel way.  

A hypertext document on the Internet is called a web page. While properly designed hypertext documents can help users quickly find the type of information they need from across the vast amount of the Internet, hypertext documents enable this by using multiple links.

Different systems display a link on the screen in different ways such as label buttons, highlight text, and different colors of text. 

A link is a special type of item in a hypertext document that links a document or document to another document. It provides more information about the linked item.


Technical Analysis: Internet

In simple words, the internet is the interconnection of two or more computers. It is a network where all the networks are connected. 

You who are reading this article of mine right now, it has been possible only because of the internet, due to which you have been able to connect with me.

Internet connectivity is the connectivity of many interconnected computers.  Through routers and servers, information is exchanged from one computer to another on this network. Meaning it connects a computer through a server.

The Internet transmits data from different places to computers all over the world using TCP/IP (the rules of operation of the Internet). In this way, the interconnection of computers from all over the world is called a global network.

To get internet service on our computer, we have to make a connection with any internet service provider. This connection is accessed in our system through cable or a wireless medium.

You must have heard the name of web hosting and if you operate a site then you will be familiar with this term but do you know how web hosting is where the website’s data is stored?

All the data of all the websites of the world is stored or saved on the net itself.


How internet work?

To accelerate the speed of the Internet, many pieces of research were done, one of which was discovered modern technology is optical fiber cable. Due to this technology, we can use the fast internet today.

Optical Fiber Cable technology is a technology in which optical fiber cable with a length of millions of kilometers is laid in the sea. 

Many teams have been formed to monitor the cable for 24 hours so that there is no damage to the cable by the anchor of the ship.

Whenever there is any damage or any defect in the cable, then this fault is rectified immediately by these teams.

Let me explain to you in easy language how the Internet works. eServer where all the information of the world is saved.  The internet service provider sends this information to us through the server and we search this information from the browser of PC / Mobile.

Information/data on the Internet keeps on roaming all over the world.  This data is in the form of text, images, mp3, videos, etc.


Internet terminology

TCP (Transmission Control Protocol): TCP works with the Internet Protocol which defines how computers send packets of data to each other.  

It is determined by this how packet data can be used on the Internet. The transfer and communication of information between two computers are possible because of this.

IP address (Internet Protocol address): It is like a contact address. Similarly, in the computer world, an IP address is an address through which various information is exchanged on the Internet.  

In simple language, all the devices on which the Internet runs, all those devices have a different ID, this is called an IP address.  From this address, the router knows where to send the data.

HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol): Any data from the Internet reaches the browser from the server in the HTTP language only. The browser translates this HTTP language into its own language which we can read.

LAN (Local Area Network): It is used to work locally like at the home, office, school, etc. This network is used to connect two or more computers.  Example –Ethernet, Wi-Fi.

MAN (Metropolitan Area Network): It is used to connect city networks i.e. this network is used to connect one city to another.  It is a high-speed network.  Example – City cable networks.

WAN (Wide Area Network): It is used to connect a country. It has long-distance communication capability. All the sites of the whole country can be covered in this network.  Example – Mobile phone, Satellite



Some interesting facts related to the internet

1969 AD. The Internet had entered this world.

We know one way of sending messages from the Internet by the name of the email.

We use search engines to find information from the Internet.

The US Department of Defense laid the foundation of the Internet through the ARPANET project.

1969 AD.  The network named ARPANET was created by connecting four computers.

Internet access is provided through telephone lines and satellites.

Internet service was started in India in the year 1995 by VSNL (Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited).

The first email site created in India was named Rediffmail.


Two things in the end

So, friends, I hope that you have got some important information related to the internet. You know its benefits, but the use of anything more than necessary is also harmful.  

Many people use the internet to do their needs/work, then some people make a habit of it without any meaning, which is a waste of time.  There is a need to use something in moderation.  Thank you!

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