What is Web Server and how does is work?

What is web server and how does is work?

Today in this post you will know what is web server, What is web server and web browser,  Web server examples, How web server works internally, Importance of web server, Types of web server,

Web server vs application server, how to use it and all the information related to web server in simple words you will get to see in this article how we use web server.

What is web server and how does is work?

How any website works, through the web server, today in this post you will know all the information related to it in Hindi in your language.

In today’s time it has become impossible to live life without internet, let’s get good information about this internet and a part of computer, web server, do you know,

How does any website color in Google, how any website shares important information with you, you will find many more similar information in this article

What is web server?

A web web server is a program that connects data to the server through https and is forwarded to the users via HTTP as per the wishes of the users, the web server is divided into two parts, the first part is the web server installed on the computer. does,

There is another software that acts like a web-server, a computer that sends the web page to the DNS system through HTTP, the web server comes to the call, each web server has its own IP address,

And one is your domain name, when you type a URL in any web browser and after searching, what you type in the browser sends a request to the domain name system so that what you have searched in google,

That keyword is matching the domain name, which website matches its word and sends it to your web browser, all this process is done through html, then it shows your data in your own local language with the help of HTML in your web browser.

You can also visit any website you want to visit and get information related to its word, any computer connects to the web server when you install server software in it or connect that computer to the internet like this. There are many types of web server apps that provide this service.

How many types of servers?

FTP Server

FTP i.e. File Transfer Protocol which is a very old internet protocol server, with the help of which a file is moved from one place to another on the internet ftp server.

Mail Server

You will send and receive e-mails many times a day, apart from this, you will also see old e-mails in your inbox, these simple e-mails are stored on a mail server and this mail server uses SMTP protocol, which has a full form. which helps in sending your email from one user to another

File Server

When you do networking between more than one computer and create a local area network and share a file in that network, then the file server network sends a copy of that file to another computer, in this process it uses file transfer protocol.

Audio and video Server

Nowadays, there are many platforms that provide the facility of streaming music and videos, such as Spotify for music and Netflix for video, in a way both are Multimedia Streaming service which allows direct play without downloading multimedia files.

For this, it stores all the data on a server and plays it on the request of the user.

Chat Server

Chat Server is such a server, with the help of which we can talk to each other in a few seconds, then no matter how far away it is, like through Facebook, WhatsApp, etc., we talk to each other sitting at home. Saadi chats are stored on the chat server.

Web Server

A web server is a type of software that surveys the web page of any website, whenever you send a request for a web page on the internet, the web server itself reaches the web web page to the user, as we have understood from the server. The server is a type of machine and a software named web server is installed on this server.

You see daily, thousands of websites are created on the internet every day, on which millions of files are uploaded, this file is stored on a web server on the internet, in fact it is only a type of computer which is 24 x 7 at a high speed.

Stay connected to the network and whenever a user accesses a website from a web browser all over the world, the web server delivers the data of the website to the user in a few seconds, these web servers never shut down and keep running for 24 hours. and they have less data storage.

In this article, we have learned what is a web server and how many types are there, we have learned how and where we can use these servers, so hope you must have liked this article.

How to work web server?

When we people want to know the answer to a question of something on the Internet, first of all we search by writing our question in the Internet’s search engine like google, yahoo, bing, etc., after searching, show many many answers in front of you. That means the question you have asked,

The answer to that question has already been given by a person in the search engine, which is saved in the search engine, which we call website, many people answer the same question in different ways in the search engine. apple does through,

That’s why whenever we ask a question to Google, its results are visible a lot, you click on any one and start looking for the answer to your question, this Google server shows results in our browser through https. ,

And Google connects to the web server by sending a server request, in which the data stored is visible on the browser of our people, if the request web page is not found in Google, then we get error 404! Like no risk data appears in google

When a user searches something in Google, Google sends a request to the DNS for the web page, and the DNS domain name system identifies the website and sends it back to the web server in the html response, thus we can see our people in the browser. The searched data appears.

The use of web server is developed by the web hosting company and professional web developer, the web server sends the requests to the users in two ways according to the wishes of the users, the request comes first,

It is shown to the users, it sends the request in the form of a file to the users associated with the URL and sends the request to the user by invoking a script and communicating with the data base, it sends the request to the users via https response. provides to,

In this way the web server easily answers all the questions of the users, you must have easily understood how the web-server works.

What is the web server and application server?

There is not much difference between web server or application server, but using it shows a lot of difference, let us now know what is its difference.

Web server

Webserver was first used in 1989, this server cable supports only http and https protocol, in this server only servlent Contsiner and JSP container is used,

It can store only .war Extention Bali files and the following is the usage in web server research. This server is used only for small and middle class, web server gym module servlet is developed on the basis of JSP technology.

Application Web server

Application web server was first used in 1990. This server cable supports HTTP and HTTPS as well as IIAP, RMI protocol,

Application server is developed on the basis of JSP ejb, jta, java, mail, servlet technology Application web server servlet container uses JSP container and EJP container.

This web server stores both .War, .ear files, it is used on a large scale by big companies, the resource is high in server applications.

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